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Top five occasions when Indians prefer to gift a cake

Celebrations mean various things in several cultures. Indians, who are generally known to be very traditional within the way they select gifts have accommodated some new approaches.

The trends of gifting are gradually changing from a welcome garland to a rose bouquet, sweets to cakes, hand knitted sweaters to fashion apparel and such examples are increasing by the day.

Most occasions are linked to some quite gifts which is assumed to be perfect for the occasion. Here are some occasions when Indians prefer sending cakes to their loved ones.

1. Birthday

Earlier in India, birthdays were celebrated with sweets and kheer (thickened milk cooked with rice) but the trends are changing now. People cannot consider celebrating birthdays without a scrumptious cake.

The fervor of sending pre-ordered cakes to India has increased such a lot that online gift shops have taken it as a challenge to perk up their network, introduce new designs and launch new flavors with each passing season.

There are endless sorts of cakes to settle on from. a number of the foremost favored Birthday cakes in recent times are photo cakes, themed cakes, character cakes, number cakes, drippy and delicious buttercream cakes with floral designs.

2. Wedding

When two people tie the knot, it is time to celebrate! one among the foremost chosen gifts on this occasion may be a cake. Indians like to follow the continued gifting trends, thus online wedding cakes in India are extremely popular.

A number of the favorites are multiple layered or tiered cakes adorned with fondant and trimmed with edible floral wreaths. the color scheme that’s often selected for this occasion is soft pastels, nothing too jazzy.

3. Marriage Anniversary

Marriages are special but wedding anniversaries are nostalgic. Undeniably, one among the simplest gifts on this occasion is cakes. Quintessential flavors for this occasion are red velvet, chocolate, vanilla and fresh fruit versions.

Although, taste is what matters but what most Indians consider while ordering a cake, are its aesthetics. Most preferred anniversary cakes are topped with elaborate sugar roses, intricate fondant patterns and passionate hues like red.

4. Valentine’s Day

It will not be fair to mention only Indians prefer to send cakes to their lovers on Valentine Day because most of the planet follows an identical drift.

Valentine Day cakes are very popular; in any case, it’s made for a sweet relation that turns sweeter as years pass by! It goes without saying, romantic ideas compute best on Valentine Day cakes. A treat for a wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend or any beloved, altogether corners of the country people enthusiastically order for cakes on Valentine Day. because of e-gift shops, it is so simple and quick!

5. Mother’s Day

Indians are gradually incorporating western celebrations in their lives. Specific celebrations which were unprecedented earlier are being enthusiastically observed with cards, gifts and dinner.

Mother occupies a really special place in every child’s heart. Western countries are celebrating Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May for long except for Indians, it’s something very new. Indian’s have always been known for his or her adaptability and capability to accommodate new cultures.

Mother’s Day has become a well-liked celebration within the country when sons and daughters send thoughtful gifts to their mother not missing out that utterly delicious cake.

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