Melting Snow Cookies

Melting Snow Cookies
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This is just a BOMB!
I ate a lot of different cookies, and melting, and crumbly … But THIS “outdid” everyone!
Cookies crumble barely touching the tongue.
Love this Then cook!

It will take:

drain oil – 250 g (room t)
sah. powder – 0.5 st
rast. oil (odorless) – 1/3 article
starch – 4 tbsp.
flour – 3.5 tbsp.
vanilla sugar – 1 pack (10 g)

EGGS DO NOT NEED! NO SPREADER !!! I have not forgotten anything.

In a bowl, put the room-temperature butter, icing sugar and vegetable oil.

Beat everything well with a mixer.

Add starch, mix with a mixer Add a cup of flour, mix with a mixer
Then add another glass of flour, but stir it with a spoon.

Pour 1 cup of flour on the table and lay out the dough.

Knead your hands until smooth.
Add the last half glass of flour.
And knead.
Divide the dough into 3 parts.

Roll each part into sausage and cut it into pieces with a knife
Put the pieces of dough on a baking tray covered with parchment.

Oven at 180 ° C before browning (10 to 15 minutes, depends on the oven).

Roll dough in sugar. powder
It is better to sprinkle the biscuits with powder while it is hot.

Of course, I was ready for the cookie to be crumbly. But when I tried it … Mmmmmm … that’s something!

It is crumbly than all crumbly cookies!

Very delicious! In addition, there are no problems with cooling in the refrigerator, and does not blur in the oven … In short, it has become my favorite!

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