Recently I was sitting here thinking about what to make of his new one. Then a neighbor called me and suggested the Kurnikov recipe.
The time for cooking takes very little, it turns out that there are thirty of them from one pack of margarine, or even more.
If you cook at a feast, as a snack, too, are great and very satisfying nourishing.
I had all the ingredients in the fridge, I didn’t need to run to the store, so I decided to try cooking this miracle of cooking.

For the preparation of “Kurnikov” we need
minced chicken, about five hundred grams,
margarine for baking two hundred and fifty grams.
It is also necessary:
one chicken egg
vinegar one tablespoon,
one medium potato,
onion, can be a major one,
greens to your taste, also salt and pepper, too, to taste.

The first thing you need to knead the dough. In the mug, I beat our egg, added vinegar and added water to the top of the mug. Then, in a deep bowl, divide the softened margarine into pieces and pour in our mixture of water, eggs and vinegar, do not forget to salt. Then add flour there and knead the dough. If the flour is small, then you need to add as long as the dough is not steep. The finished dough must be put in the fridge for about fifteen minutes so that it is infused there.
This time you need to prepare the filling for our “Kurnikov.” Peel the onions and potatoes from the peel. Onion cut very finely, and three potatoes grated. Then mix the stuffing with onions, potatoes, chopped herbs, salt and pepper.
When everything is ready, take our dough out of the fridge, roll out the dough on a large circle and divide it into small squares. In these squares lay out our stuffing. In order to “Kurniki” did not turn out dry, you can add a piece of butter or margarine to each square. We fold the squares into an envelope and send them to the oven, bake at the temperature of one hundred and eighty degrees for thirty minutes or forty.
Just yummy!

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