Is Your Phone On The List?!


There are several studies which have dealt with the effects of cell phone usage on human health. Probably, you are aware that your health may be at risk if you are exposed to phone radiation daily.

In order to work adequately, phones use a hazardous non-ionizing type of electromagnetic radiation which is absorbed by human tissues and cells. This exposure can cause serious health issues.

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Researchers from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel have conducted a study published in the Biochemical Journal. The study showed that even a ten-minute exposure to a mobile phone can cause brain cell changes associated with cell division and even cancer.

Dr. John Bucher, one of the directors of the National Institute of Health, claims that there are strong indications that a 10 year exposure to cell phone radiation can lead to brain cancer.

Unfortunately, children are more prone to the cell phone radiation effects as their brain is still in the development phase. Nowadays, more and more children use cell phones on a daily basis and their number increases yearly.

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If you are worried about cell phone radiation, take a look at the 5 cell phones with the highest level of radiation:

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