Fans Are Begging Kim Kardashian To Use Her Lawyering Skills To Free Britney Spears

Kim Kardashian has been working on passing her baby bar exam, and while she’s not quite a lawyer yet, that hasn’t stopped fans from begging the 40-year-old reality star from stepping in to help free Britney Spears from the oppressive conservatorship she’s been under for more than a decade. While it might seem like a pipe dream, I think we can all agree that crazier things have happened and if this did come to pass, it would be one of the greatest pop culture moments – not to mention one of the greatest moments in general – in recent history.

Britney recently decided to retire from music. After she gave a moving speech to a California judge about the horrific abuse and violations she’s experienced under the conservatorship, which is headed up by her father Jamie Spears, several people in her team have decided to step back from their positions as they feel they can no longer be complicit (though I think it’s more like they’re trying to escape persecution). Things are so bad that Britney’s manager recently confirmed the star’s intention to retire from music altogether. Can’t say I blame her!

Kim hasn’t spoken publicly about Britney’s case, but sources say they’ve been in touch. You can’t really believe what you read in the press all the time, but a source (read: a bored intern) told Closer that as soon as Kim became aware of Britney’s court statement, she immediately reached out to the singer to offer her support. “Kim knows she’s going through hell and that her situation is like a jail sentence. She’s let her know she’d do whatever she could to help her win her battle. Having such a high-profile name attached to the legal team would give Britney’s case even more publicity,” the source said.

Apparently, Britney is into the idea of Kim getting involved as well. The source continued: “Britney has given the green light to let Kim help in whatever capacity she can and asked her to email her lawyer, Samuel Ingham. She really appreciates her support.”

Fans of both Kim’s and Britney’s are eager to see the two women work together. There’s no denying that what’s happening to Britney Spears is a travesty and that she’s in desperate need of some real help to get her autonomy restored after all these years. If Kim Kardashian can be the one to help her, who are we to argue?

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