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Eating Too Much Of These 10 Foods Increases The Risk Of Diabetes

Growth and development are an inevitable process of life that is supported by the foods we consume, yet, these foods may be harmful at some particular stages of development and growth. To know more about foods for diabetic persons, read List of foods people with diabetes should eat more

On that note, the majority of the foods we consume contains high carbohydrates, sugar, or starch, all of which can increase the amount of blood sugar levels and provide energy for the body activities but at some stage of growth and development, there’s a need to control the amount of these high sugar foods to prevent health complication such as diabetes.

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Diabetes is no doubt one of the most common diseases affecting children and adults nationwide. It is a medical condition that may cause other chronic health complications(such as stroke, heart attack, and nerve damage) if it’s not controlled or attended to, hence, the below-listed foods should be moderately consumed to reduce the risk of different forms of diabetes.

1. Bread

2. Cassava flakes(Garri)

3. Eggs

4. Biscuits

5. Noodles

6. Sweet Potatoes

7. Suya(Pork, goat, or cow meat)

8. Canned tomatoes

9. Rice

10. Tea

Importantly, these foods and other common foods that may contain high sugar or high cholesterol levels should be consumed with caution as they may increase the risk of other diseases aside from diabetes.

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Nonetheless, a diabetic patient should look out for fruits or other natural products that have high sugar(natural) content as they may support and increase the damaging effects of diabetes in the body if care is not taken.

✓ Watermelon

✓ Honey

✓ Overripe banana

✓ Yogurt/Milk


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