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Easy ways to decorate cakes and cookies

Everyone likes to present a yummy looking cake and cookies to their friends, co-workers or at that special event. But cake and cookie decorating are often challenging and time consuming.

Many of us who want to feature a designer touch to their cake or cookie creations often come short of what that they had in mind.

Does this sound like you? You practically have icing bag in hand once you suddenly end up with some cake decorating challenge that needs some expert advice.

So, you begin flipping through those cake decorating books sitting on your shelf, but the answers or instructions you would like are not anywhere in view.

You quickly head to your computer, and search through every cake and cookie decorating website you’ll find for a solution. An hour later, you discover yourself still searching and prepared to offer abreast of the confusing instructions. you’re not alone!

Instead of getting the answers and assist you need, you jump from one website to a different, and email several websites hoping to urge your question answered.

And, within the meantime, your cake is sitting on your kitchen counter waiting to be decorated. you’re frustrated but got to complete the cake decoration for the event that’s planned just 12 hours away!

Maybe you would like to understand the way to decorate a cake for a bridal shower, a retirement party, or a family gathering. So, what does one do?

You’ll call knowledgeable cake decorating business and pay many dollars to possess your cake decorated, otherwise you can purge ahead and hope your artistic ability or homemade decorations will end up as a spectacular presentation.

Open Star Tips: the following pointers seem to be popular, especially with bakers who wish to decorate cupcakes. the foremost common tip is that the #1M, which is employed to embellish the tops of cupcakes. the massive star-shaped opening is effective when creating large puffy swirls.

Round Tips: the following pointers are essential for those wishing to embellish cakes and cookies. The round opening makes them perfect to stipulate and script. the ideas seem to be perfect for outlining shapes on cookies, and just the proper size for writing letters on cakes.

Multi-Opening Tips: the following pointers are wont to create rows and clusters of beads, stars. the foremost popular multi-opening tips is #233, commonly want to create grass, hair or fur on cake-creatures. The triple star tip is sweet for filling in large areas with colored frosting.

Try to not get discouraged. an honest thanks to perfect and practice your cake and cookie decorating skills, is to form a batch of practice icing to urge the texture for cake decorating techniques.

Pipe designs directly onto a cookie pan and just scrape off to reuse. Practice icing are often kept for months in an airtight container.

Here’s an honest recipe for Practice Icing:

  • 1 cup shortening
  • 1 lb confectioner’s sugar
  • 2-3 Tablespoons of water

Place the shortening during a bowl. Beat until softened. Add confectioner’s sugar, then water. Beat on medium speed until creamy, scraping the bowl sides as necessary. (Note: you’ll need 2 Tbsp for borders and flowers; 3 Tbsp for lines and string work.)

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