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Dial these codes if you forget your phone number

Hello friends of, welcome, I want to share with you today how to recall your personal phone number if you forgot it or if you don’t even know it. There is the code to dial on your phone and your number will be displayed on your screen.

Irrespective of the fact that technology have greatly improved over the years, so many people still find it difficult to get use to the mode and operation of these devices and cannot even remember their own personal phone number.

Though some people are aware of how to use it effectively, but so many people are still ignorant of it, both in the rural and urban areas.

So many people even till now, still don’t know to check their phone numbers using codes. I was on my way going home after closing from our Church service, an old woman approached me and inquired for my phone number so that she can call it in order to see her number appear so that she will send the number to her son abroad.

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I almost wanted to laugh before that was an old idea, I then asked her if suppose she was not having sufficient credit in her phone and in a condition without money, what would she have done and she told me she will wait.

She told me she was using MTN, and I immediately taught her how to get her phone number without necessarily calling another person’s phone.

After dialing it, she saw her number and she was grateful. I also went ahead to tell her how to get the numbers for other sim cards in case of any future or important use.

The codes are as follows:

Mtn -*123*1*1#.
Airtel – *121*3*4#
GLO – 777*#
9Mobile – *248#.

She told me to help her in saving it to her phone so that she will not forget and I departed peacefully.

Everyone reading this article should take note of these various codes and make good use of them when the need arises Instead of calling another person’s phone.


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