Baursak in Tatar

Baursak in Tatar

Flour – 350 g
Milk – 40 ml
Sugar – 1 tbsp.
Chicken egg
Sugar powder – 2 tbsp.
Sunflower oil – 250 ml
We suggest to prepare bursak for tea drinking in a family or friendly circle. Baursak is something like donuts, which are baked in large quantities of vegetable oil. There are similar pastries in other national cuisines (for example, Kazakhstan). Naturally, every nation adds its own “raisins” to baking. Both the composition of ingredients and the shape may differ. Only the taste of baursack remains unchanged. Such baking is not exactly stale on the table. So, all the ingredients are prepared, proceed.
We are preparing a capacious bowl in which we will combine the ingredients for Tatar baking baursak. We start with eggs. Just break them in the bowl.

Then pour the milk warmed to room temperature.

But the next ingredient for the dough – butter, before adding to the bowl, you need to melt. Then, a little convicting, pour into the bowl to the other ingredients.

Like any baking bursak “needs” spices. In our case, this is a small portion of salt.

And – sugar.

And in order for baking in Tatar style to be “chubby” after roasting in vegetable oil, we will add a pinch of dry activated yeast to the flour.

The ingredients that we have introduced at this stage, mix, using a whisk.

In the resulting mass begin to pour portions of flour. Better to sift it.

Knead for baursaka elastic soft dough.

We don’t work with dough right away, but remove it into heat for literally 20 minutes. We recommend to cover the dough with a towel.

Divide the dough into pieces.

We roll each dough into a sausage with a diameter of about 2 cm.

Cut each sausage into pieces.

Heat the vegetable oil in a skillet or cauldron so that it starts to boil. We send baursak fry. The process ensures that the baking is not burnt. Remove baursak from dishes better skimmer. Shifts baursak in a clean bowl.

Every portion we sprinkle with powdered sugar.

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