Apples in the dough quickly

Apples in the dough quickly
This recipe is especially for those who want to make a delicious dessert without spending much time. So, the apples in the dough are fast. A wonderful afternoon tea and a way to diversify the menu for lovers of apple desserts. 🙂


1 cup wheat flour
1 glass of milk
2 eggs
1 teaspoon sugar
half a packet of vanilla sugar (8 gr)
1 tablespoon butter
4 large apples
Milk can, if desired, be replaced by kefir. And get a recipe: fried apples in the dough for kefir.


canola oil for frying
cinnamon icing sugar
The method of cooking apples in the dough quickly

Apples clean and remove the core, cut into circles of 0.5 cm.
Place flour, milk, eggs, sugar and butter in a bowl.
Mix to combine and form a smooth dough, a little more dense than a pancake (if necessary, you can add 3 more tablespoons of flour).
Heat a few tablespoons of butter in a pan.
Put the apples in the dough and remove with a fork, place on the oil pre-heated in a pan and fry from both sides until golden brown.
Spread the apples in the dough on a paper towel to make extra butter in a glass, then sprinkle them with powdered sugar mixed with cinnamon.
Delicious apples in the dough are ready, quickly and beautifully.

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