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10 -10 Tips For Easy Home Based Business, How To Earn Home Passive Income

This article features 10 tips for easy home based business, top 10 Tips to Find Legitimate Work From Home Jobs and how to earn passive income from home with a little bit of effort and some serious dedication never to fail. So please read on and find out about these home based business opportunities that are easy to operate.

Tip #1: You can create a free blog and post about what you like to do, such as boxing or biking, yoga or tennis. It doesn’t matter! Then you can get different types of advertising to your site and make money from people who click your ads and buy products you recommend.

Tip #2: You can write articles and recommend affiliate products in order to make a commission. This is usually referred to as “bum marketing” or “article marketing” and enables you to make money by commissions of sales. There are some sites that offer over 75% in commission per sale and they are as high as $100 sales. You keep $75 and you can do this 2-3 times per day with the right techniques.

Tip #3: You can sell your services on freelance websites and charge business owners who want a job done. This is easy cash and it’s safe since they usually use Escrow services to make sure it’s safe for both parties.

Tip #4: You can create your own information product and sell it for anything between $7 and $497 and make money from backend sales such as coaching classes in the range of $1000-$10,000 or more. (This is for serious people and is harder to get started with.)

Tip #5: You can set up proxy sites and advertise those, there are thousands of people who want to access different types of websites from school. Then place ads on these sites and make money from people’s clicks, or place banners for clicks or commissions.

Tip #6: You can join other affiliate programs and earn money for generating leads to these companies. These are called CPL offer and can be found all over the web if you search for “cost per lead affiliate program” or anything like that.

Tip #7: You can join forums and have a link for your favorite affiliate program in your signature. If you are good enough at enticing visitors to click your links then you can make a nice profit from these types of signature links and if you run your own website you’ll get more links back and that is good for getting higher rankings in Google.

Tip #8: You can post ads in ezines and make money from affiliate programs that are in there. This is something that is highly overlooked by beginners as they usually don’t know what to write, but if you do, then this can be a potential goldmine.

Tip #9: You can create a review page on free blogs or squidoo lenses and make money from just having visitors to your lens or blog and also from people who click your ads.

Tip #10: You can hire someone to create software for you and then you can sell it for a profit to either business owners or other people who needs that type of software. You can get good software for under $300 and sometimes it’s only $20 for a really functioning and well presented software.

There you have 10 tips for easy home based business and how to earn passive income from home. Hope you learned something and it opened up your eyes for more opportunity in your life.

Top 10 Tips to Find Legitimate Work From Home Jobs

The key to finding legitimate work from home jobs is time. You need to be patient when searching for a legitimate job that you can do at home. Many provide online jobs for people who prefer to work from home but it is important to be cautious when searching.

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Some offer real opportunities while some take advantage people searching for online jobs. You should avoid getting scammed, and wasting money and time doing jobs that will never give you profit. To help you in finding legitimate work from home jobs, here are the top 10 tips that you should remember.

  1. Search for real work opportunities. The internet may show many work from home jobs that guarantee instant success so be very careful of this. In reality, it takes a lot of time to build working ties with people online and success does not come overnight.
  • Follow your passion when searching for online jobs. This is your chance to do work and get paid for something that you truly enjoy. It is easy to turn work into career if you are really passionate about it. Doing work for something you really love can be the secret ingredient for a successful work from home.
  • Create a list of the jobs that interest you and start your search from there. Do not waste your time reading through various job descriptions regarding work that does not interest you or lack skills from.
  • Avoid work from home jobs that require you to pay the website just to get started. Paying to start working from home may wind you up spending more than what you can afford without any hope for profit at all.
  • Be careful of the signs that show that an online job may not be legitimate. An online job claiming that it can make you earn thousands of dollars overnight is an obvious sign that it is a scam. No one earns that money easily unless you are the one running the scam.
  • Make sure that the site where you look for online work has published contact information. A legal website has a contact page where you find information how to call them or email them in case you have issues you want to raise with them.
  • Read through the online jobs offered on the website to see if they are legitimate. Do a background search of the website to determine if it has issues about work scams or not. You can check the domain registration of the site and find useful information regarding the legitimacy of the website.
  • Look for user reviews about the website offering jobs that you can do at home. Take some time to read these reviews because they can help you determine if the website is legitimate or it has scams running under it.
  • Have a realistic expectation regarding earnings on work from home jobs. The online job pool is very competitive and you need to market your skills well to get noticed by online clients. A legitimate online job has a reasonable job offer.
  • The search for legitimate work from home is a tiresome process but the end results are truly rewarding. Find ways to motivate yourself to continue looking for online jobs until you find one that can compensate you well. There are certainly real opportunities for you out there.

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