Uzbek samsa traditional with tandoor meat

Uzbek samsa traditional with tandoor meat

In order to cook the samsa strictly according to the rules of the Uzbek cuisine, it should be cooked on the coals in the tandoor. The fire in the tandoor should be ignited immediately after the dough is put in the refrigerator. In order to get a good heat, use the vine and firewood from apricot, cherry, plum. While the firewood is burning, we are preparing the filling. For the filling, lamb, plenty of onions, and fat of sheep are used.

Traditional samsa stuffing
500 grams of fresh lamb
2 onions
50 grams of fat tail
salt, spices to taste


Mutton meat cut into small pieces, add onions and fat tail, cut into cubes, add salt to taste, add spices, mix. If the filling is rather dry, add 1-2 tablespoon of water. We start to form bakery products when the heat from the burned wood is formed in the tandoor. Then we make cakes out of dough, in each we put a teaspoon of filling, we pinch the edges. Cakes can be square, round, triangular. We moisten each with water from the side of the seams and glue it to the tandoor wall. When baking in tandoor, salt water is used to wet the cakes. After fixing all products, the tandoor should be closed with a lid. We bake samsa until meat is ready. If you do not have a tandoor, you can bake in the oven, provided that the baking temperature is about 250 degrees.

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