These belyashes are something special, very tasty dough !!!

These belyashes are something special, very tasty dough !!!
1 kg. flour sift, pour 0.5 liters of boiling water to stir well
with a spoon. Cover the container with a lid and wait for it to cool. But, if you are in a hurry, just cool it down to a temperature in which you can stick your hands.

When cool, add 1 egg, 0.5 tsp. salt and soda.

When kneading add flour as much as necessary.

During the post, I made the dough completely without eggs – only the color of the dough changed, but not the quality.

Filling can be any. For example, I most often do with salted cottage cheese and dill or fried champignons. Kids love with apple and cinnamon …

I assure you that if it happens that you do not eat them warm, cold they are not worse at all.

I left for the experiment for a few days in the fridge – they do not get stale. But most often they are eaten immediately from the pan.

Enjoy your meal !!!

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