Shortbread cake on 22 kopeks

Shortbread cake on 22 kopeks

Cakes to taste turned out exactly as in (my) childhood!
These were my favorite pastries in school.
And they were called “Sand”. There were 22 kopecks, and a little less for 15 kopecks.

It will take:
flour – 560 g
drain oil – 310 g (softened)
sugar – 207 g (fine)
eggs – 1 whole + yolk (73 g)
salt – 2g
soda – 1 g (quenched with vinegar)
vanilla sugar – 1 sachet
apple jam – for interlayer


First of all, if you want the cake to be just such a taste, as in childhood, you need to cook apple jam (it boils quickly).
It was apple jam that was used for pastries and rolls.

Cut the cold butter in small pieces and beat with a mixer or in a combine, add sugar, salt, vanilla sugar. One egg and one yolk a little beat in a separate bowl and pour a little ..

Soda (at the tip of the knife) to extinguish vinegar and add to the dough
Sift flour

Knead the dough. Cool the dough a little in the fridge (for example, while cooking the jam)

Divide the dough into 2 parts (who has a large baking sheet, you can not divide the dough).

Roll out a layer about 4-5 mm thick (then it turned out that the dough does not rise in the oven, so this is very thin, better than 8 mm)

Screw the dough on the rolling pin
And transfer to a baking sheet covered with paper.

Bake at 240 ° C until lightly browning (do not bake for a long time, otherwise you will get a dry crumbly cake and not a soft cake cake. Because everyone has different ovens, so there is no exact time. Maybe someone needs 8 minutes, but someone then 15 …)

In the same way bake the second cake

Cut the cakes (trim will go to the dressing). Spread the first cake 1/2 part jam

Cover them with a second cake (as the cakes are very delicate and brittle, next time I will not cut them right away. At first, I will coat the bottom cake without reaching the edges, I will put the second one, and then I will cut it. By the way, us)

Spread the top with the remaining jam

Sprinkle with crumbs

It is better to let stand for a few hours so that the cakes become softer and then cut into cakes.

And you can eat right away, even warm ones!
The taste is exactly the same as in childhood! Even the school remembered. ))

Oh, and one more note. Cakes all the same, we had a thicker. So the next. just try to roll them 1 cm thick.
Of course, not very neat turned out. But it was a trial version. I think my hand is still stuffing … because This is my favorite cake!


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