How to make Confectionary Gel at home

  • How to make Confectionary Gel at home

Confectionery gel is designed to decorate fruit pies, cakes, pies and other pastries. The surface covered by such a gel becomes shiny and prevents the fruit from drying and fermenting.
Usually in the industry is used already ready gel (glaze), made on the basis of various thickeners. At home, it is completely easy to prepare a food gel and use it to coat cakes and pastries.

To prepare a pastry gel at home you will need:

15 g (1 tbsp.) Gelatin,
100 ml. water,
180 g (1 tbsp.) Sugar,
50 g glucose or honey,
a tiny pinch of citric acid.

– How to cook:

Gelatin must be soaked in 50 ml of water and allowed to swell.
Sugar mix with water, glucose, citric acid, then heat the syrup until sugar dissolves. Heat the soaked gelatin to dissolve it, that is, the liquid with gelatin should become transparent, but you should not bring it to a boil – so the gelatin loses its properties. Mix the gelatin syrup before combining the ingredients.
Before using the pastry gel should be cooled to room temperature. After application to cakes and pastries, the gel does not completely solidify, but gives the products a “lively” shine.

• Store the gel in a closed container in the refrigerator. He will be quite sluggish.
• Before use, the gel needs to be slightly warmed so that it becomes thinner.
• You can apply the gel on fruit with a brush, or you can dip small berries and fruit pieces straight into the gel.
• Citric acid and glucose are needed to prevent sugaring (crystallization) of the gel. If they are not added, then over time, crystals form in the gel, it thickens and becomes opaque.

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