Cake “Mole” 😘

Cake “Mole” 😘

– Sugar sand – 1 glass with a volume of 250 ml with the top (this will be about 180 g),
– Chicken eggs – 4 pcs.,
-180 g wheat flour (in 1 glass 130 g flour),
– 6 g baking powder (about half of a small pack),
-4 tablespoons of boiling water,
-2 tablespoons of dry cocoa (without top)

Cream souffle for Mink Mole cake made from:
– 500 g of sour cream (500 ml of cream were originally needed),
-250 g grated soft cottage cheese,
– 20 g dry gelatin,
-150 grams of granulated sugar
– A big chocolate bar,
-5 bananas.

1. Separate the whites and yolks, put the whites for a while in the fridge. 4 yolks whip with boiling water until fluffy foam

while continuing to beat, add sugar and vanilla (about half a pack weighing 1 g). Beat yolks with sugar for 3 minutes.

2. Next in line are egg whites, we beat them into dense foam, which easily remembers the form and does not spread.

3. In a large container (so that it is convenient to interfere) lay out the yolks, on top of them foam of proteins, do not mix!

4. Separately mix the sifted flour, cocoa, baking powder and spread this dry mixture over the beaten eggs.

5. Now with careful smooth movements using a spoon (not a mixer !!!) mix all the ingredients for the base of the Mole cake.

6. The oven should already be heated to 180 degrees, the shape oiled and lined with oiled baking paper. Spread our dough

and put the chocolate sponge cake in the oven at the specified temperature, the baking time is 30 minutes.

7. When the biscuit cools down, prepare a mink for it from the mole:
Using a spoon, carefully remove the whole crumb, leaving the bottom and sides as a whole, the thickness of the sides should be about 1-1.5 cm.
Crumb crumb to crumb.

Step by step preparation of creamy – curd cream souffle for Mink Mole cake

1. Pour dry gelatin with cold water (half a glass will be enough).
2. Sour cream with sugar (or just whipping cream without sugar, they should have at least 30% fat) whip into a foam.

3. Grind one banana with a fork or blender, add to the curd (I rubbed them together with the curd with a blender), if you whipped some sugar-free cream, then add sugar to the curd.

4. Grate a cold chocolate bar.
5. When the gelatin swells, over a slow fire, it will need to be heated until the lumps dissolve.
6. Add chocolate to the curd with bananas, mix.

7. Add a thin stream of gelatin into the curd – chocolate-banana mass, mix well and add whipped cream or sour cream to them. Put creamy curd cream soufflé with chocolate chips to freeze in the fridge.

Assembling Mink Mole Cake:

1. We lay out 4 whole peeled bananas to our base – a mink for a mole, in some places a banana will have to be cut.
2. Bananas and voids in the cake should be poured with a part of the cream that starts to harden (do not forget to put it in the refrigerator again; for setting speed, I put it directly in the freezer).
3. Sprinkle a bit of bananas on top crumbs from biscuit.
4. Wait until the cream grabs, as in my photo
and put it in a heap, the cake is already starting to resemble a mink mole,
5. It remains only to fill him with brown crumbs from biscuit.
6. Put the mole hole in the fridge for 4 hours until the cake hardens, it is better not to cut it. If you wish, you can sprinkle cocoa on top of the mink and decorate the cake with bananas with a handful of chopped walnuts – you get pebbles.
Here is such a beautiful banana cake souffle obtained in the cut (the cottage cheese in it is not felt at all), look at the photo, which is not Mork Mole, you can even see its underground passages!
Enjoy your meal!

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